Hi! Welcome to my personal website!

My name is Clément, I am a PhD student in biomedical image processing.


Journal articles:

  1. SegSRGAN: Super-resolution and segmentation using generative adversarial networks — Application to neonatal brain MRI
    Delannoy Q., Pham C., Cazorla C., Tor-Díez C., Dollé G., Meunier H., Bednarek N., Fablet R., Passat N., Rousseau F.
    Computers in Biology and Medicine, Volume 120 (2020)
  2. Watervoxels
    Cettour-Janet P., Cazorla C. , Machairas V., Delannoy Q., Bednarek N., Rousseau F., Decencière E., Passat N.
    IPOL Journal · Image Processing On Line (2019)

Conference article:

  1. SVETLANA: A Supervised Segmentation Classifier for NAPARI
    Cazorla C., Morin R., Weiss P.
    Colloque GRETSI, Nancy (2022)

About Me

I obtained my engineering degree from ENSEEIHT (Toulouse) in electronics and signal processing in 2017, then I worked as an image processing engineer in the space industry (CNES, CS), and finally as a research engineer on MRI imaging at the university of Reims.

I am currently doing my PhD thesis in Toulouse (France), supervised by Pierre Weiss (CNRS), where I share my time between the mathematics department of the INSA of Toulouse, and the company Imactiv-3D. My current work is mainly oriented towards the exploration of minimalist convolutional neural networks for segmentation and classification tasks using a small amount of annotations. With this in mind, I have developed and maintain a Napari plugin called Svetlana, which is dedicated to classifying masks by quickly annotating a small amount of ROI (see 3D result above).

Classification of mesoderm and neural tube cells in a quail embryo 3D image acquired by a confocal microscope. Image provided by Bertrand Benazeraf (CNRS, CBI Toulouse).


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    If you wish to get in touch, please send me an email at: clement.cazorla@imactiv-3d.com

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    Centre Pierre Potier
    1 place Pierre Potier
    31100 Toulouse